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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Valentine's Snow Day

Most of you have come to hear about and even witness some of my "big" ideas (remember the campaign to get Kellan shirtless in BD 2?), but it seems my 7-year-old has me far beat when it comes to really thinking brazen and big!

Yesterday my daughter wore her black leotard and a red tutu to her dance class for Valentine's Day. The ribbon on the tutu has hearts on it. She looked adorable and was in a good mood after class. When she came home she laid this one on me.

"Hey Mom, how about if I be cupid for Valentine's Day?" 


She picks up her Merida (from Brave) bow and arrow set that her Grammy gave her for Christmas. "I'll dress up like Cupid and go around the neighborhood and give out treats!"

"Umm, mini, do you know how Cupid dresses?" (said in my Chandler Bing voice)

Mini laughs. "Yep, in underwear."

"So, you're gonna go around the neighborhood dressed just in your underwear in the name of love?"

Mini laughs more and says,"Yeah!" Like it's the best idea in the world. 

And speaking of my favorite little wing man...wing girl, that is, who is most into Valentine's Day. Mini was very excited about the thought of Daddy buying me the works, so we discussed the things I'd like to have and she said she would tell Daddy. But she forgot. So with the pending snow, I had mini call and leave a message for Mr. ATP yesterday morning at his office while he was on his way in. 

I coached her a bit and she was doing really well remembering telling Daddy that she thought Mom would like to have white, pink, and dyed red daisies this year with glitter on them so they sparkle like Edward. She was doing great on her own until I encouraged her to say that he might want to look into ordering those today because of the upcoming storm. She ended with an "Okay, Daddy? So I'll see you later." And I threw in an "I love you" for her to end with to which she replied, "I love you, too!" 

Then I cracked up laughing and so did mini. 

Bottom line. If you are going to use your child as your wing man, expect a comedic element to the exchange. 

Sweet Mr. ATP did come home last night with a modest bouquet of daisies in varying colors red, pink, white, and lavender with sparkles on them and he had stopped at the Red Box and rented the movie, "Austenland" for me. I had thought this movie was going to be out in theaters early this year, but I guess it went straight to DVD. It was a very cute movie--a bit dragging in the middle--but the end was very rewarding in a fanfiction-twist kind of way! Highly recommend it to you gals if you are looking for something to watch while snowed in today! (The ad before this trailer had a little Rob in it!) 

As for mini, she exclaimed how pretty the flowers were and then requested that she would like Daddy to buy her red roses. o.O Give a mini a cookie, and she'll ask for a Venetian dessert table. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 
And may the odds be ever in your favor 
to be poked with
Rob's arrow!

Missed being here! Miss you guys!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Very Merry UN-Birthday to you, DJ!

Dear DJ,

What's up with the clocks in our little fantasy world?

As summer ended, I swear the RobSquad each fell down their own rabbit hole and we've all lost track of time! And well...it's been sad. 

Like...most heartbreaking song in the world sad....

And now look what happened....

We missed your birthday!

But know that we are Mad as a Hatter about you!

Come to think of it, we're all mad here!

Still, we're having a tea party for you to celebrate!

I'll lead the way...Follow me...but careful where you step....

Are there mome rathbones? 

Wait a minute...
I can only think of one thing in relation to Jackson that is so similarly colorful....

But...not going to go there! 

Your UN-Birthday is a good time to think about the big questions.

"Who are you?"

for all the things you do! All the time you take to check in with your fandom friends
and send along pictures and videos of our shared personal interests!

And in a show of good manners...

We say thank you! 

What would we do DJ, without you?

Wishing you a very, merry 

We're all here to celebrate with you, of course!

(Of course, graphic made by 17ForeverLisa!)

Why, it's our UN-Birthday, too!

RobSquad and friends

PS:  And singing telegram from mini!

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Very discomROBulated Birthday Party!

Dearest Kelly,

We were all set to celebrate your birthday 
this upcoming Saturday with this beautiful cake!

Remember last year's post? 
How fun was that?
GoTTa say the RobSquad has had some f*cking awesome birthday times together--whether it's for Rob or the Squad members!

So I'm in the middle of reminiscing and Lisa chimes in, "hey kiTT! The celebration needs to be on Friday, not Saturday!"

And then I was all...

I mean if you are going to keep having birthdays Kelly, try to be consistent about the 
Some of us are easily distracted as we are making our way through our weeks and 
musical numbers...

So now, where was I? 
Oh yeah, same place I always am on this blog...talking about Rob!

Did you see this most unfair picture of Rob? Just lying there alone with two pillows that are as velvety as his voice in a white t-shirt and absolutely no pants or underwear on?

He just keeps getting hoTTer and hoTTer and hoTTer and ...

...and you, Kelly just keep having birthdays! 

I don't know what's up with that...
but we're about to celebrate both by letting Rob step in!

Where's the birthday girl?

There you are! 

Kelly...well I have a few things to say to you.
First off, I know how supportive you've been of my buddy, Sam.

He could use a fan as kind-hearted as you.
(DJ brought the Sam!)

So thank you for that Kelly, but let's be honest here....

he's not your kind, I am.
(See what I did there?)

On a more serious note, I know what you've been doing behind 
Edward's back...
Prancing around with other...**gasp**
book boyfriends...
He told me he found you like this one day.

Leaving Edward just a shell of himself...
He spends all his time on the internet searching new p0rn pics just for you and awaiting your next mydiscomROBulation post....

But you've just moved on...letting yourself get all caught up and excited over these New Adult romance novel heros and then spreading the news about them.

One right after another. One book boyfriend more enticing than the last. It's an unending chaos! 

Well be careful out there.

Edward misses you 
and doesn't want you to forget him...ever.

And while there might be those who would rather you close the book on all these new guys altogether...

Edward simply wants you to know something...

So I deliver a message from him today...

And Kelly, as for me 
and you...
I'm going to keep it G rated, but you know what's going on behind these eyes....

Thank you Rob!
(Does he need a towel?)

Kelly, moving on with new book boyfriends...we get it and thought it was worth including in your birthday messages! 

Kelly, enjoy this new chapter of your life! 
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!
luv, kiTT

Here's to another year of remembering old book boyfriends and discovering new ones. Happy birthday, Kelly!

Love, Lisa

I don't see nuthin' wrong with your new endeavors!
<3 dj="" font="">

Embrace it, girl!
<3 font="" jeanette="">

(Jeanette brought this pretty!)