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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Monkey Bizness of Mementos!

I just wanted to share this little prized possession I now have! 
Just look at these cute monkeys friends....
I've named them....Mohawtie & Jackson!

Happily, months and months back, 
I did what rpfangirljr considered a big favor for her, offering up some time to help on a project of hers. 
It wasn't a favor at all,
 it was an honor. :) 
She asked how she could ever thank me. 
I said no thanks was necessary...She was kind of insistent. 
I needed nothing short of a night with Rob or Jackson, (just to talk *wink*) but that offer was never on the table. 
She's been doubly good to me, too, either reading the crap I write or providing my often technically-challenged life technical help. 
So I said we were square. 
5 x 5
Even steven.
But ....
 I had always
had this BIG idea and needed her permission to do it. 

We'll come back to the BIG idea....read on....

Back on this blog's heyday, Twired Jen and Jayla really got me into going to see 100 Monkeys! So the first time, I traveled deep into the heart of Pennsylvania's dairy land to see them. They were fantastic! I had come with my Twilight book, hoping to get Jackson to sign it. But there was no meet and greet and by the end--forget the Twilight book...I needed their album, so ATP bought it for me.

Basically, I walked into that show to be there as a Twilight fan, but left as a fan of the band.

Who could forget the conversation I overheard in the bathroom by the two young girls?

Girl #1: So did you see any crazy Twilight moms out there?
Girl #2: No just YOUR mom. 
Girl #1: Oh Jasper, Oh Jasper! (mocking tone)
Girl #2: Jasper I love you!!!  (mocking tone)

So while I'm washing my hands I ask them, "Exactly how old do you have to be to be a crazy Twilight mom?" They giggle and look me up and down. "Uhhhh 40?"

"Oh good, then I'm just a fangirl wearing my Cullen crest necklace." I show them and we laugh.

Then in summer of '11, so many of my favorite Twipeeps were having the same experience and getting to see 100 Monkeys in shows all over the US and Canada and sharing in the Monkey love! It was such a bolt of lightning and subsequent ripple effect going through our fandom! Jackson and his band were so entertaining and so many people from the Twilight fandom helped to create the 100 Monkeys fandom, one of the biggest fans being Rpfangirl (DJ) who had created a picture design and entered it into a contest the band was running for a new t-shirt logo. It was of a cute little sock monkey. I loved it! Her design was one of the 5 finalists and so many of us were in her corner and voting for her online! (It was the BEST design of the bunch!) That was so exciting! Also exciting at the time, 17ForeverLisa had entered another more regional contest to design a poster, which she won, and it won her a meet and greet with the band!

August of '11, I was spending some time down at the beach with family and decide to leave mini with the family one night and travel to Philly (that's Philadelphia) to see 100 Monkeys playing at the TLA (Theater of Living Arts). Just ATP and I went, w/o telling anyone in the fandom!

The boys were looking great that night. About halfway through the show, I emailed 17ForeverLisa, not knowing if she was even around or not. I wrote to her, "Someone sure is living up to his nickname tonight."

Lisa....who constantly tries to tell me she is clueless to my vague suggestions...replied emphatically (maybe in all caps and with some profanities) asking if I was at a 100 Monkeys show. I hope I always remember that, because it was one of the funniest damn things to me. It was literally like she came through that email and was shaking my shoulders! ha ha ha ha!

After the show, they say the band is going to come out to meet and greet. Whaaaaaaaaat??? I'm unprepared. It's so unexpected. I know I showered beforehand but did I still smell like suntan lotion? I meet Jerad. OMG!!! I meet Jackson. O.M.G!!! I meet the Bens. The Bens are not impressed with Jerad's nickname, but Jerad blushes and admits he likes it. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? They shake ATP's hand like he's a big time CEO--respect and all...(but wtf? Like they think ATP's a fan of theirs? Like he'd be there w/o me? LOL!)

Jackson shakes my hand and holds my hand in that way that says he really wants to dip and kiss me but he's holding back because my husband is standing there and hubby is bigger than him. LOL! (Okay, probably not but you know...my blog, my little fantasy!)

I hear Dreamweaver playing in the background ala

" target="_blank">

Awesome night. I decide the next day back at the beach that I need a memento, so when I spy a beanie baby sock monkey at a store on the boardwalk I decide it's perfect. Almost. Because you see, I have a plan. Once DJ's shirt design wins ( I was confident it would), I will try to make a mini 100 Monkeys shirt for my new sock monkey. Sadly...the band's manager changes, some sort of falling out occurs, and the t-shirt logo contest is abandoned. The Rob Squad and I are all sad monkeys over this. :(

So in my head I think that someday I'll have the gumption to ask Rpfangirl if in I could still use her design to go ahead with my plans to make a 100 Monkeys shirt as a memento for my little Mohawtie and Jackson monkeys. I never do because I feel like she got such a raw deal and I don't want to bring up such a sucky subject.

But that little monkey design was still special to me! I still linked it to the Monkey madness and mayhem at the time....including Lisa doing this for me! SO MUCH gratefulness I still have for this sign and this boy having the chance to hold it in his hands and come to know about his nickname!!!!

So.... when RpFangirl says to me (see beginning) that she wishes there was a way to reciprocate the favor or thank me, I remember my BIG idea! I told her my story of my poor naked monkeys that wanted a shirt with HER design on it. And she told me she not only was willing to give me permission to use her design, but she was also willing to make the shirts for me.

And now my little Mohawtie beanie baby monkey sits on a shelf next to my signed copy of a 100 Monkeys CD (Thanks to Sue). It's probably good feng shui, right? Also, I hope TwiloveSue doesn't mind, I'm going to share one of her pictures from the 100 Monkeys concert she and the Book Club went to, one in which she promoted the nickname 'Mohawtie' with a sign, too! And Jackson went on to thank Jerad's parents for creating 'Mohawtie.' :) (So awesome!)

Go ahead say it, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

So many of us have good memories of that time, it's nice to have mementos!
My memento just became that much more special!
Thank you rpfangirl for your kindness and mad skillz! 
I will cherish my Mohwatie beanie baby monkey always because they now bear a piece of you & your signature (and keep it up high, far away from the puppy!) 
It really is a special reminder of so many wonderful things--our stories of the boys, the band's heyday, this fandom, friendship!  
And boo on them for not following through on the contest, 
your design deserved to be on a shirt, and now it is! :)

As for Jackson beanie baby monkey, he's been adopted by a family somewhere outside Chicago, because rpfangirl and I agreed he'd be well-appreciated there as a special memento as well!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

To Dearest Kelly...

The Rob Squad was trying out a new mascot when we got together to brainstorm party ideas for celebrating your birthday. 

We were all determined to keep your party elegant and classy, like you, but then
someone went and brought up this...

and it all went to the dogs!

We just couldn't get our mascot back on board, 
until we realized our feline friend is not so different from
us cougars and there was 
only one person who could bring
a smile to her face,
the same as he does for us. 

from DJ

 Happy birthday my rob squad sister!
I love you and I'm so glad after all this time we're still friends, in contact, & loving Rob! 
From Jeanette

From, kiTT

From, Lisa

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....Me likey sparkle!

And we're back to classy and elegant....

Okay, we were never gonna be classy and elegant, 
but at least we've got a new mascot, right?

Keep smiling! 
Have a great day, Kelly! 

The Rob Squad

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Birthday Wishes for 17ForeverLisa!

Lisa!!!! Has it been a year already since we showered you with birthday gifs?

What a year it has been! You know, it's not every day you get everything you wanted and everything you forgot to ask for!
(That's an Twilight quote referring to the baby!)

Guess Ryan was right about that Sh*rknado sequel, after all! 
(July 30th, will you be watching?)
But we won't dwell on that!

* * * * *
So the Rob Squad is here to wish you ....

Wanna know why?

Wait for it....

Because we Cannes!

* * * * *
The RobSquad
Jeanette, Kelly, DJ, & kiTT

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend is for Remembering...

Memorial Day, the holiday, is for showing reverence as we remember those who have fought and died for our country. The sacrifices made for our freedom remain an ambiguity to many of us, but they are real.

The weekend leading up to the day is for remembering antics of this weekend of years ago with one of your good friends! During my college years, school was out by Memorial Day weekend, and I used to pack up my mustang and head to the beach for the weekend. Hilarity ensued. There were bars, and bands, and drinks, and boyfriends and guys that were not the boyfriends and good music. There are stories that I laugh so much at the thought of that I can barely speak the words to tell them. Do you have stories like that? I hope so!

Here's to reminiscing!

As I was looking at pics of Cannes Rob this week, ATP looked over my shoulder and laughed at me. "I still remember when we rented that movie and you said, 'I don't know what the big deal is about this guy and here you are still looking at him.'" Umm, yeah, he was talking about Twilight. I said that when Edward first walked into the cafeteria! The white makeup and lipstick threw me off. And I didn't know anything about him. Hadn't seen the Harry Potter movies. Only saw him on tv for a fan event. Girls were all lined up to see him. It wasn't until the dim lighting of the restaurant scene that it all became so clear! LOL!



So simple, and yet so moving. 

And because today is Kassie's birthday, I'll just throw in this!
May your love of love stories be epic!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Special Birthday Wishes

Jeanette, Wishing you a 

I took a little trip down memory lane via my blog and looked back fondly on so many events you organized in the fandom. You were always willing to embrace new people--their ideas and talents. And though you may have stepped away for more RL adventures, none of that has been forgotten.

But your ole pal, Jenny from the Block, wants you to know the blocks, streets, corners, alleys, and parks are all kind of empty without you. We miss you around the 'hood.

Double 'hooded and waiting for the bus. 
Look how lonely he is. 

So today, the squad has been called home...getting together
to blow out some candles with you Jeanette and to celebrate you and all things Rob...

     ... in the 'hood! 

"Do you have room for just one more...pick me."

Sorry Justin--No. We've already got a talented singer lined up.

Party music...


"Won't you please, won't you please, please won't you be my neighbor?" 
Happy Birthday from Lisa

* * * * *
* * * * *


Years we wasted coloring and watching Brady Bunch on tv all because Rob wasn't born yet. 


When your love for Rob extends to embracing his friends, too! *cough Pirate Radio cough*


When you tell people how much you love Harry Potter, you are really only referring to "Goblet of Fire."


The state of feeling penetrated by the stare of one perfect picture of Rob!


The state of being able to add Rob to just about any facet of your life! 


Feeling as though if Rob only knew how much work you've put into supporting his career, he'd insist on paying you handsomely.


Rob's birthday gift to you later. *wink*

Happy Birthday from kiTT!

* * * * *
* * ** *

Happy Birthday from DJ!

* * * * *
* * * * *

Happy Birthday from Kelly! 

* * * * *
 * * * * *

Love, The RobSquad

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Valentine's Snow Day

Most of you have come to hear about and even witness some of my "big" ideas (remember the campaign to get Kellan shirtless in BD 2?), but it seems my 7-year-old has me far beat when it comes to really thinking brazen and big!

Yesterday my daughter wore her black leotard and a red tutu to her dance class for Valentine's Day. The ribbon on the tutu has hearts on it. She looked adorable and was in a good mood after class. When she came home she laid this one on me.

"Hey Mom, how about if I be cupid for Valentine's Day?" 


She picks up her Merida (from Brave) bow and arrow set that her Grammy gave her for Christmas. "I'll dress up like Cupid and go around the neighborhood and give out treats!"

"Umm, mini, do you know how Cupid dresses?" (said in my Chandler Bing voice)

Mini laughs. "Yep, in underwear."

"So, you're gonna go around the neighborhood dressed just in your underwear in the name of love?"

Mini laughs more and says,"Yeah!" Like it's the best idea in the world. 

And speaking of my favorite little wing man...wing girl, that is, who is most into Valentine's Day. Mini was very excited about the thought of Daddy buying me the works, so we discussed the things I'd like to have and she said she would tell Daddy. But she forgot. So with the pending snow, I had mini call and leave a message for Mr. ATP yesterday morning at his office while he was on his way in. 

I coached her a bit and she was doing really well remembering telling Daddy that she thought Mom would like to have white, pink, and dyed red daisies this year with glitter on them so they sparkle like Edward. She was doing great on her own until I encouraged her to say that he might want to look into ordering those today because of the upcoming storm. She ended with an "Okay, Daddy? So I'll see you later." And I threw in an "I love you" for her to end with to which she replied, "I love you, too!" 

Then I cracked up laughing and so did mini. 

Bottom line. If you are going to use your child as your wing man, expect a comedic element to the exchange. 

Sweet Mr. ATP did come home last night with a modest bouquet of daisies in varying colors red, pink, white, and lavender with sparkles on them and he had stopped at the Red Box and rented the movie, "Austenland" for me. I had thought this movie was going to be out in theaters early this year, but I guess it went straight to DVD. It was a very cute movie--a bit dragging in the middle--but the end was very rewarding in a fanfiction-twist kind of way! Highly recommend it to you gals if you are looking for something to watch while snowed in today! (The ad before this trailer had a little Rob in it!) 

As for mini, she exclaimed how pretty the flowers were and then requested that she would like Daddy to buy her red roses. o.O Give a mini a cookie, and she'll ask for a Venetian dessert table. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 
And may the odds be ever in your favor 
to be poked with
Rob's arrow!

Missed being here! Miss you guys!