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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Did Frosty the Snowman inspire the Tent Scene?

Are you intrigued at my query? Or are you laughing (like DangrDafne prob is) about what a crazy place my mind is again? My mind does tend to get cluTTered up by Twilight stuff.

Inspiration comes from many places when you are a writer, consciously and subconsciously. I never 'got' the reason some people referred to that horrid part of Eclipse as 'the magical tent scene.' That is, until now. I do see a bit of magic to it in my own special kiTT perspective.

I had forgotten the story of Frosty the Snowman, well just the part that isn't covered in the song, and then mini discovered the movie at Christmastime. We DVR'd it and have watched it a lot since then. As I watched it, I couldn't help but to make a Twilight connection. I know! That like never happens to me! So I thought I'd better jot it down and share it before summertime hits.

You remember how the story goes right?

Magic in a hat
He comes to life
Laughs and plays
Melts away but
He'll be back again one day.

But remember in the movie he was traveling through all the snow to get to the North Pole and the little girl, Annie, followed him. She got tired and cold, because she is human. So he decided to carry her and realizes he needs to find a place to get her warmed up. But there were no cabins along the way or hotels. The further north he went, the colder it got.

"Your skin is pale white and ice cold.
You never eat or drink anything and you glisten in the sun.
 I know what you are...
Is her mother's name Renee? Because this child is not dressed warmly enough for the outdoors, either.

At least Frosty was smart enough to have the forest animals build a fire to try to warm her up.
Cool story bro. Tell us again about the Third Wife.
See Edward, if only you had thought to do that. Those who fail to plan, plan to lose their girlfriend to the hot-blooded wolf during a night in a tent.

The fire wasn't enough to keep little Annie warm, but then Frosty happened upon a greenhouse--a warm spot. He went in there with her and tried to keep her company for as long as he could, despite the fact that he was putting his own existence in danger. With each higher degree on the thermostat, Frosty was sweating (melting), but because he loved Annie he was willing to sacrifice his own comfort for her health and well being.
And, you see, Edward did the same when he agreed to let the mongrel in next to Bella in the tent! He was willing to suffer through the discomfort of listening to Jacob's thoughts and his own jealous thoughts, all for the well being of Bella because he loved her.

Frosty is a childhood favorite. Edward is an adult favorite. We just really seem to love our icy, self-sacrificing characters.

Feel free to explain to me why you think the tent scene is magical, but for me, it took a beloved Frosty to help me find the magic in that tent.

And speaking of magic in an old silk hat!
(C'mon, how could I not have gone here?)


What do you think? Could Stephenie Meyer have consciously or subconsciously drawn some tent scene inspiration from a Christmas / Holiday special?



TwiWeasel said...

@kiTT...gotta be honest here. I think it's just you.

Don't worry, I've sent over some nice people with a lovely white coat for you to try on. It's got buckles and everything. You'll love it.

itsjustme1217 said...

I love the way your mind works.

Dangrdafne said...

Your mind is definitely a crazy place but that is why we love you.

I can only say that I never liked Frosty but I do like the tent scene.

I like that Edward and Jacob come to common ground - you know me I want everyone to be happy :)

TongueTwied said...

@TwiWeasel, just me? Give it a little time to sink in. In the meantime, I could use a nice quiet place to read. Think they'll let me bring my Kindle?

@IJM, Mostly because it all lead to Rob?

@DD, Isn't it nice how I let you all pick through my brain? LOL (see what I did there?)

To me, Edward is being so mature and explaining himself like he was talking to Carlisle but Jacob was still acting like a 15 year old boy who is sulking because he didn't get the toy he wanted for Christmas.

Naughty Hisbella said...

I know a great carpenter to fix that headboard problem...LMAO! I just noticed that!!!

It was magical because despite what Jacob the dog thinks...Edward is hotter! IAS, Edward let go of his hate for Jake long enough to take care of the woman he loves and opened up to him a bit. Maybe by hearing Edward's take on why he left might get the dog to understand he left to keep her safe in the first place.

kiTT, it is just your mind. I've watched Eclipse almost as much as Twilight and I never ever thought about Frosty the Snowman.

MrsKassieCullen said...

Not even Frosty could make the tent scene magical.

Edward failed to plan so he must have been just looking to shake the girl. What better way than frost bite. Too bad the dog was around to warm her up. So many times he tried to shake her but she just keept coming back... like... eh nevermind lmao.

BellaTesoro said...

Frosty? Are you sure you just don't have Fifty on the brain?
I doubt SM was thinking holiday anything when writing that scene. I just think she needed a way to get the wolf and the cold one in a small enclosure to swap some hate.
Worked for me.
Now, let's talk about where your subconscious mind draws these crazies from.

Living with Edward said...

My husband could fix your headboard. He needs the work. LOL

You actually hit the the nail on the head here with Frosty inspiring the tent scene. It's true. What most people don't know is that SM originally wrote the tent scene different. She wanted Jacob and Edward to be able to talk about some things that the reader would be aware of. With the books being in Bella POV she had to have her hearing the things the boys were saying so she left them in the tent with her. But what she wanted was a scene where Edward and Jacob go outside the tent while Bella sleeps and build a snowman with the snow that was coming down and they start to hum Frosty the Snowman while doing it and have a laugh about it. Jacob puts sticks under the mouth for fangs, and Edward gets a pine tree branch and sticks it up the snowman butt to look like a wolf tail. But when they both realize that Edward just simulated something going up the butt, they look at each other awkwardly, do that manly cough grunt thing, and go back in the tent to ogle the girl to sit in denial about their possible "gayish" moment.

So good job seeing that.

Ps. the white truck is here. They said they are picking me up first, then you on the way to some magical bouncy kingdom!! Score!