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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sparkly Tips For Seeing Rob!

I teased a bunch of you this past week about having gotten my nails done up pretty with a touch of sparkle because I wanted them to look good for some upcoming pictures. No one could really figure out what I possibly had going on, which surprised me. I thought this would be one of my easy 'kiTT mysteries' to figure out because most of you have already done this!!!

Well first let me show you my nails because they didn't really come through that well in pictures. My hubby was working the camera, and let me just say, I think hubby as my 'wingman' for these little Twi-excursions is coming to an end because he took some really crappy pictures and I don't think he did it on purpose, but he's too busy making fun of me in the moment mocking, "oh my god, it's Rob!" to really put his heart and soul into the pictures that I will be cherishing for the rest of my life!!!

Can you see the sparkle on each nail? It's just the tip. o.O

So here is where I went to this weekend.

*drum roll*

Start spreading the news....I'm leaving today.
I want to be a part of it, RPattz in New York,
cuz if I can...see him there, I might see him...anywhere,
it's RPattz's hand's in New York,

What's that I hear? The sound of a bunch of you
bonking yourselves on the head and wondering
why you didn't think of that?

Here they are again!
It's all color changing, kinda neat!

Guess which color change was my




Purple's Cool!!!!

Jules and Jeanette, do you hear music?

Touch the hand of the man that made you woman?

(Oh, yes, most of us wish!)

So this truly was my first time at a Planet Hollywood. Having had no idea there were Twilight items in there I had passed up eating there on several occasions in the past couple of years, preferring the view or food from other locations or because there was always a line, but once I found out about this being there...

I knew it was just a matter of time before I was going to find myself there! And luckily when we went, the Twilight gods were smiling down on us because there was no line!

A few observations:

~Yes Rob's hands and shoes are big! A given.

~Bella's dress is so much prettier in person than it is in the movie. And the sweater is...perfect.

~In person, the sneakers with that dress are still just as INAPPROPRIATE. Sorry KStew!

~I want this display in my house. LOL. I just LOVED being by it. I kept staring and staring.

I wanted more to this display! So I'm pretty sure I would love that whole Twilight museum once it is done in Forks.

~I wanted the display to have a button (like the fun stuff at Disney) that I could push and I would hear Rob's voice first and foremost:

'Isn't it enough just to live a long and happy life with me?"

"Yeah, for now."

And then the music plays!

[Planet Hollywood: No charge for that idea if you make it happen!]

I spent a lot of time looking for Rob's hands inside the restaurant only to find out I had passed them by the elevator before getting to the restaurant. So just a tip to anyone who wants to see Rob's hands but doesn't want to go to Planet Hollywood--you can go into the store and to the lobby and see Rob's hands without having to commit to going into the restaurant.

Mini had a great time too! Mr. ATP and I were a little uncomfortable as she bopped along in her seat to 50 TV screens playing videos to songs like 'Hollaback Girl,' Justin Timberlake, and NaughtybyNature but what can you do? She recognized some songs that are on her Wii Just Dance game. But mostly, mini got distracted by the movie displays!

Mini LOVED this display but
 wanted to know where Alice
and the rest of the Cullens were!

Awww, there's our beanie boy!!! 

And I took a special picture for BellaTesoro! On her last trip through NYC she snapped photos of places and items that reminded her of not just Twilight but also of her other love, the fanfic Emancipation Proclamation. (Oh yes, Fran, I remember.) But things have changed a bit since then because EP has been pubished as Sempre and with publication of our favorite fics comes name changes of our beloved Edwards and Bellas.

So, I snapped a new pic with that in mind!!!

Enjoy your day!



TwiWeasel said...

Wait...what? Where's my pictures? You promised me pictures.

MrsKassieCullen said...

Holy cow! You touched the hands that I touched and pretended to lick LMAO! And yes I'm making this all about me ;)

Mini is adorable with her Alice doll. I was wondering the same thing about the rest of the Cullen's but I'm so far under Rob's spell that I didn't care too much lol.

I loved the sparkle on just the tips. Very cool, very sparkly!

TwiWeasel said...

You're beautiful, kiTT...well, at least your hands are. *arches eyebrow*

rpfangirljr said...

Awesome!!! The nails are pretty, but so mot my style. Team Alice is right... WHere were the rest of the Cullens? Thankfully, SHarkBoy wasn't around, right? (Just tell me he was no where to be seen.)

Seems like such an awesome Trip! I can't say that I'm not jealous. NYC is somewhere I would LOVE to go! And to put your hands where Rob's hands were... Just AMAZING!

Next time, take me. (kiTTing...Maybe.) (Hey... Where's the comment subscribe check box at?)

itsjustme1217 said...

Mini is too freaking cute!
Oh this post my day. Now, I'm super jealous but I'm so happy for you and I love the pics. The music was the best part though. LOL

Naughty Hisbella said...

Ahhh...I see now. Nice. I would love to go to NYC and see that display. See just how big his hands and feet are...for research sake. Being the awesome kiTT, why didn't you measure that shiTT? I got a story to write here and accuracy is key...;)

By the by, Noah says "hey..."

BellaTesoro said...

First the nails. I see the sparkly tips, so pretty, as are your hands. But mini stole the show with her Alice and the signs you placed on her. So cute!
It's was a thrill wasn't it putting your hand over HIS large
print. See, if you'd been with us, you could have licked
them too. We are shameless when we get together.
Thanks for the Carmine pic. With or without the name changes I love it.
Happy you got to visit with the Twilight case. It is a must see in person.
I think we should have more kiTT nail sitings. Keep them coming.

UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

I love Mini and her Alice!!! And I love Alice's outfit!!!! :) So cute! I'm so jealous that you got to touch Rob's hands and be that close to his suit, that once hugged his amazingly hot body. I know you are right kiTT - Rob's voice would certainly enhance that display!!!! Great pics kiTT!

Jen the Girl Wonder said...

Loved the pics. Your nails were sublime. So jealous.

creationsbyjules said...

Awesome post!!!! :) First of all, loving the sparkly (just the) tips!! Very nice. :) Second, *fist pumps* for Bryan!! I used to play that full volume. LOL So good to hear it again. :) That Twi display looks amazing, so happy you got to see it in the flesh. *happy sigh* Mini with her Alice is so, so cute!!

Thanks so much for sharing - loved your post!! Glad you had a blast. :)

Dangrdafne said...

This brings back memories of the Water for Elephants premiere and going there with Living with Edward and Robzsinger after a horrendous rain storm the night before the premiere. We got to see it all and take the best pictures of the hands because there was no one there.

Sounds like you had fun and that is good to hear :)

17foreverlisa said...

Love it!! And I'm with the other girls. It just really cements *nods* our connection knowing that we've all had our hands in the same place. Huh. That sounds kind of wrong.

mini FTW!

And what a brilliant idea (of course) about having audio with the display.

Cool you found that for Fran too.

So glad you had such an awesome day.


TongueTwied said...

@Kassie, Connected by Rob! LOL

@TwiWeasel, oh it's just the red polish! LOL

@RPFangirl, I hope you make it to NYC soon!

@ijm, *grins* Glad this made your day! Mini is too cute. Promise me she'll stay that way???

@Naughty, you'll make it to NYC someday too,I just know it! And Noah said more than that to me last night. ;)

@BT, mini always steals the show, and I'm okay with that. :)

@UAB, Alice stole the pants from Bella and the dress from Barbie. LOL

@Jen, glad you enjoyed. NYC this summer?

@Jules, I hoped you would like my music choice. LOL perfect, right?

@DD, Cool! I knew you guys had all been there too!

@Lisa, 'cements' connection. uh, yeah! Nice! LOL!!

TwiKiwiFifty said...

Lucky girl! This was awesome!