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Monday, March 26, 2012

Alice Probably Saw Me Coming A Couple Years Ago

*checks calendar*
Yep, I missed it. I clear forgot my bloggiversary...or whatever you want to call it. I've been getting Tongue-Twied over Rob and Twilight for a few years now!!! And let's face it, Rob gets a little tongue-twied over me too, like that time he told an interviewer about how I invited him to meet me at a quaint little book shop....

He told the interviewer:

"except that I really wanted to meet kiTT, so I went."

I remember the day like it was yesterday when I looked at my husband and strongly declared, "Guess what? I'm going to start a Twilight blog." I had no idea what had come over me. I didn't know anything about blogs and was green to how big the fandom was beyond those that were Twitarded and those that were dedicated to Rob (Robmusement). I didn't even know about Robsessed!

I was a bit disillusioned..on lots of levels. I thought all the passion I had for Twilight and Rob plus my sense of humor would land me a coveted spot on Twitarded's blogroll. Just checked and still not there! Meh....I'm not everybody's brand of heroin.

But getting back to this journey that I started on a couple of years ago...the good news is just how many wonderful people I found and who found me because I decided to branch out from being a blog lurker, occasional commenter, and closet fanfiction reader to having my own blog. It was such a decision that I bet Alice saw me coming.

I look around at the people who were part of this blog in the very early days and continue to still be here and those that are around a bit less now as well as those that joined in a bit later and stayed on with me. Luv you all, and I'm so thankful! I know there are a few longstanding jokes from the early days that live on with a few of you that I don't hear from much but then there are new laughs all the time with some of you that I talk with on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

So dear followers and friends...Thanks for being you. Thanks for sticking around. Thanks for coming back. Thanks for adding me to your blogrolls. Thanks for giving me just as much opportunity to laugh as I may or may not have given you. Thanks for loving Twilight. Thanks for keeping it fun!

F*ck it, I'm just gonna say that I'm really happy with my posts and to now say I have written a Fanfiction story that is getting recc'd over at the Lemonade Stand this week. #proudwriter (thanks to Jeanette for giving me the heads up on that!)

You guys give me everything I didn't know I needed just by eating, sleeping, and breathing Twilight and Rob right along with me!

Happy Bloggy Birthday to theTongueTwied blog!

Early on I had written a post declaring that I had the right to change my mind. You can read it here. Who remembers that? It thought it would be fun to take a look and see what, if anything, I have changed my mind on. I've added my current feelings in PURPLE or THIS COLOR!!!

So here are some things I could possibly change my mind about...
1. I'm all about Rob. I'm Team Edward. I'm Team Bedward. I'm Team Tyler.
2. Kellan--AnnaLynn McCord or Jelena can have him.
3. Jackson --Thank Goodness he was not Edward! Elusive S can drag him to her elusive padded room all to herself.
4. Peter--I've always thought he was cute. I even used to watch him in that show he did with Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Bill Bellamy. But the blonde hair is a no-go for this gal!
5. Taylor--He's too young! He's cute as anything but his soft demeanor needs to grow into those new abs of his.
6. Robsten.
But I'm fickle as a pickle, so having said all that...

Let's say one day I'm fed up with Edward and decide I'm Team Jacob. Okay bad example, that shit's never gonna happen! LOL! 
YES!! Still all about Team Edward, Tyler, Robowski, Georges, Eric Packer, Art, FuglyRainbowSweater geeky Daniel, stealing kisses at the Summer house  boy, Dali male loving, Professor in my favorite Fanfiction, sneak away and see him without anyone to the wiser ....ROB!!!!
Let's try this instead...

I love funny Emmett. The Emmett sense of humor is something I am really looking forward to in Breaking Dawn. So if MR leaves in all those funny lines and Kellan delivers them perfectly like the New Moon line "Dating an older woman...Hot! What?" I just might come out of that theater declaring I freakin' love Kellan Lutz. Or I might find him sexy as hell in Captain America. I reserve the right to change my mind.
Yes, I changed my mind on Kellan! #takeitoffKellan We WILL be seeing some sparkly pecs in Breaking Dawn Two. I really do wish there had been more to Emmett in BD 1, but I think BD 2 is going to be his day to sparkle in the sun!!

And let's just say tomorrow I finally see Jackson Rathbone in a new light and I get a case of what Elusive S calls Jacksonitis. Yeah I've been going through their old posts studying up. Holy shit!!! Is that what MOS means? So if it happens, yeah, I reserve the right to change my mind.
Yes, I changed my mind on Jackson!!! Two 100 Monkeys show and losing all sense of who the hell I was when I met him and Mohawtie? Yep!

Peter--I adore pictures I see of you and Jennie. I'm glad you are Carlisle. Apparently Freddie Prinze Jr was in line before you but then someone remembered how bad he looked as a blonde in Scooby Doo. Guess what? I don't like you as a blonde either. But if I'm all smitten with you doing fight scenes in Eclipse and I leave the theater with all new appreciation for you and your blonde protectivey daddy moves, then yeah I reserve the right to change my mind.

YES!!! I just watched his movie 'Loosies' this weekend and really enjoyed seeing him in his natural brown hair and underwear and in a suit! I'm so saddened about his pending divorce but I'm so glad I got to meet him!!! Yep, I changed my mind!!!

Taylor--Give me 5 years. Too long? Then 3? I'm so stubborn over this. Okay I have one condition. Play someone OTHER than Jacob Black or a high school boy and maybe I will think differently about you. I don't think you as Stretch Armstrong is gonna do it for me either, but if that is the case, then yeah I reserve the right to change my mind 
Bottom line, Taylor played a high school boy in this sooooooo, my conditions were not met.

Robsten---Here's how I like my Robsten best...Hidden! First off let me say that I have known about the possibility of Robsten before I knew about any Twilight blog or before "RPattz" was spoken from my lips on a daily basis. Ya know how? There are 2 spots in Twilight that are pure Rob and Kristen on screen out of character but together.
 Well these two certainly have been out and about together a bit more lately, haven't they? I still kind of like my Robsten hidden, but if they aren't going to be hidden, let me say how I like my Robsten best. Showered and dressed casually ala their appearance on the Oprah show. (Don't misunderstand, that's not how I like my Rob best, just the Robsten)


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In lieu of gifts of cash or any prizes (short of a private Rob Meet-n-Greet)  I hope you'll celebrate with me by leaving in the comments the answers to the following questions just to stroke my ego so we can all revisit the same parts of Memory Lane together.

Just say the FIRST thing that comes to mind.


1.  TwiPeople covers and guest posts aside, what's been your most memorable post here on the TongueTwied Blog?

2.  What has been the most memorable GUEST post on the TongueTwied Blog?

3.  Fill in the blank: 

When I hear ___________________, it always makes me think of kiTT /TongueTwied post.

When I see ____________________, it always makes me think of kiTT/TongueTwied post.

Thanks for playing along! :)
Rest assured, I have special memories of EACH OF YOU too!



TwiWeasel said...

Ah, kiTT...happy blogiversary!

1. Most memorable post...hmmm...I think it was that one...you know, with all the pictures...and uh...funny comments. Yeah, that one was great.

2. I don't know about a favorite Guest post, but I do know what my favorite Twi-People cover is...the one we haven't done yet! LOL!

3. When I hear "Your Love is My Drug" or "All By Myself" it makes me think of you, kiTT.

4. When I see a purple tongue... like when someone drinks grape kool-ade and then sticks out their tongue...yeah, I think of you, kiTT! There are more things than just that, but that was the first that came to mind. :D

LMAO!! Congrats, bb! ♥u

Naughty Hisbella said...

#1. Damn. I was gonna say my TwiPeople Cover!
#2. Damn it...I was gonna say Movie Night with (his)Bella. LOL

#3. When I hear "Some Kind of Wonderful" it always make me think of kiTT/TongueTwied Post.

#4. When I see Brenda & Dylan, it always make me think of kiTT/TongueTwied Post.

*Optional #4. When I see a WAITRESS, it always makes me think of kiTT! (Bwhahahahahaha)

Love you, Sweetcheeks! ;0p

TongueTwied said...

@TwiWeasel, Please give me your address. I would like to send your children each a bag of ONLY GRAPE flavored candy and lollipops!

@hisBella, When you hear Some Kind of Wonderful you think of me? Uhhh, any particular reason?

And pffft...., Brenda and Dylan were the soooooooooo the ORIGINAL Bella and Edward. Dylan might not have been a vampire but HE SO THOUGHT he was a monster and didn't deserve Brenda. (He went and cheated on her, so obviously he was right.)

MrsKassieCullen said...

Happy blogiversary!!! I reserve the right to change my mind on the happy ;-P

Did you know I first fell in love with Peter watching him on Fastlane? I've probably told you that before.

Lets see if I can answer, I suck at the whole spontaneous answers thing...

1) well you took my top choice Beautiful Bastard off the table.... I'd have to say your 'possible' (gets quoted bc it probably really was them) siting of Robsten at Paramore.

2) Guest post... I might be biased... BellaTesoro in New York

3) When I hear "Purple's cool" I think of kiTT. Oooooor when I hear "trigger happy ex girlfriend" I think of kiTT lol

4) When I see any former 90210'er, Matt Bomer, Burn Notice (you better be on Twitter Thursday nights when the season starts missy!) I think of kiTT

itsjustme1217 said...

Congrats on your blogiversary

1. The one about Rob (LOL) Seriously, I really liked the one about book Rosalie a while back
2. My own, duh!
3. Bryan A.
4. practical jokes

Twired Jen said...


1. The post about your first 100 Monkeys concert was my fave, naturally.

2. Can't remember guest post, probably something by Lisa ;)

3. When I hear "Purples Cool" it always makes me think of you.

4. When I NOW see Shannon Doherty, I think of you. Gah!

xoxo J

BellaTesoro said...

Happy Anniversary!

1. Memorable post..it was the one where you used "Cheers" a place where you leave your troubles behind...it seemed to really reflect not only your blog but you as the head bar keep, making us feel welcome and and well served. (as Naughty rightfully cast you in CM)
2. Favorite guest post..ummm, so many to choose from, like Twied Jen said, any ofLisa's posts.
(Thank you MrsKassieCullen for giving mine a nod :)
3. When I hear the word meadow I now think of HCW and not just SM's meadow.
4. When I see People magazine I think of the TwiPeople posts which also remind me of Lisa.

Love you kiTT for every single word you've shared, for the friends you've helped me connect with.
Congratulations on another year.

UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

Happy Blogiversary kiTT!!!!!

1. Most memorable post - the one with Rob! LOL!

2. Most memorable GUEST post - Movie Night with (his)Bella!

3. When I hear "Purple's Cool", it always makes me think of kiTT.

4. When I see Rob's tongue it always makes me think of kiTT.

Here's to many more posts....and maybe more HCW???? (maybe????)
Love Ya!!!

Meg said...

happy bloggy-versary!

1) my favorite post was the one about love triangles, probably because of the 90210 reference. ;)

2) Fran's guest post was my fave. She has a way with words and I was so excited to be mentioned. NYC WFE foreva lives on. :)

3) When I hear, "take care of you," or "Cinder-fuckin-rella!" I think of the kiTTmeister.

4) When I see 90210 or a manip of Mafiaward, I think of Tongue Twied and our kiTT. When I see the infamous arm wrestle scene, you'll be on my mind for certain.

Naughty Hisbella said...

You're just all kinds of Wonderful, kiTT!

Midnight Raven said...

Love your blog and seek it out even though it is not on the Twitarded blogroll.

Favorite post was about this use of montages. I liked the one about Rosalie also.

Thank you for blogging!

Dangrdafne said...

I just remember TwiredJen telling me about the new person on the block and when I showed up and saw the tongue I knew we were sisters, although your tongue is Rob's and mine is my cat Milo's, it works ;)

Happy Blogiversary!!

TongueTwied said...

Sorry I'm so late responding here guys! As you can tell, I'm not hanging around here all too often. But everything you wrote meant a lot!

@Kassie, BT in NYC...FTW!!! BN and Matt--we got that!

@IJM, Your own was good! And RPFangirl's bday artwork!

@Twired, Of course 100 Monkeys! Thank God for you that I saw them before Yoko happened!

@BT, Aww, the meadow will always have a special connection to us and this year's class!

@UAB, Purple really is cool. Look at how we all got hisBella into blogging and now she's unstoppable in the writing dept!

@Meg, So grateful you came out, even though I know you are busy! Umm yeah, when Emmett rips that shirt off to throw it down with Bella, I wanna hear us all yelling, "We did it!"

@MidnightRaven, I wish I blogged more just to hear from you more! thank you so much for returning and your kind words!

@DD, So true! It's awesome that you and TwiredJen were there from the beginning. I cherish those early days!